Cannes Press & Posters Winners

TBWA Paris get the Grand Prix, CD Erik Vervroegen CW Benoit Leroux and AD Philippe Taroux are going to party like it's 1999 or something as they raked home the prestigious award for their EMI Music Piracy awareness campaign.

The Art Direction on the five posters is quite trippy and fun, but the line "nothing great comes easy" really doesn't do shit to address 'music piracy' in this day and age. Those who download argue that they do want to support their artists and they wish big music companies did. But the music companies have a well established and well deserved reputation of bleeding artists and customers dry. The selection isn't as good as the billions they earn should make it, EMI dare not produce artists that are the least bit interesting or aimed at a narrow market (remember when they dropped the Sex pistols?) all we get from the big guys is Britney fucking Spears and another pop-tart clone again. Great albums are out of print. None of this is addressed in these posters - great eye candy but I doubt it affects what the target - the pirates - see as the real issue. Most people do want to do what is right already, and pay the talent for their skills.
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Playstation dissapoints... in that it didn't grab a Grand Prix for posters this year, but they are still doing their tried and true tres weird images trick.

Rather gross, the missus is cheating with four geometrical figures. *shiver*. Copywriter: Benoît Leroux, Art Director: Philippe Taroux, Photo: Dimitri Daniloff

Well, one can argue that Playstation does indeed mold young minds. Does this remind anyone else of those play-doh "hair salons"?
Copywriter: Manoelle van der Vaeren, Art Director: Sébastien Vacherot, Photo: Dimitri Daniloff

Ah, the good old tattooed baby. This time he got his ink in the womb, where there is a tattoo parlour.... Weirdness.
Ad agency: TBWA Paris. CD: Erik Vervroegen, CW: Xander Smith, AD: Javier Rodriguez, Photo: Yann Robert

Another baby appeared in a winning ad for Playstation. This one is from TBWA/Espana, Madrid and is much better than the overused tattooed baby (IMHO). It won Silver for Press/Magazine and Bronze for Outdoor. CDs were Agustin Vaquero/Angel Iglesias/Guillermo Gines, copywriting by Guillermo Gines, art direction by Angel Iglesias and photograpy by Angel Alvarez.

Creative JuiceG1(TBWA), Thailand won again for their client Siam Tamiya (model kits shop). You might recognise this deconstructed frog as it also won in the Asia Pacific adfest. The line reads: For those with an eye for assembly. CDs: Thirasak Tanapatanakul & Prangthip Praditpong. CW: Nutchanun Chiaphanumas, ADs: Thirasak Tanapatanakul & Kittitat Larppitakpong & Jon Chalermwong, Photographer: Anuchai Sricharunputong

The Nintendo ad which we have here in Badland: Ad awarded an Swedish Golden Egg accused of theft/brain sync. raked home yet another award. Apropriate since it began it's career as a solution to the Young Guns awards brief. And rather funny, since in 2002 it's predecessor won a Cannes award as well. Award-regurgitation? Who knows.

Nugget Shoe Polish from South Africa will have to represent the classic simple visual solution posters that we often see win in Cannes. Illiterate people will still understand what the cop is doing in the poster below. Simple. Brilliant. Congrats to the Gold to the team at The Jupiter Drawing Room, CD: Graham Warsop, CW: Michael Blore, AD: Liam Wielopolski, Photographer: Michael Meyersfeld

And hey, you can use it for cheating too. ;)

Procter and Gamble scored a gold with this Vicks poster, created at Publicis Salles Norton , Sao Paulo Brazil. Congrats to CW: Arício Fortes and AD: Jack Ronc - nice and simple solution that show product advantage. Right on.

Duval Guillaume Brussels took home a Gold for "Blanket" for the Humanitarian Medical Aid Appeal. Art directed by Katrien Bottez, copy writen by Peter Ampe, photgraphed by Jean-Francois de Witte, and CD was Jens Mortier. Nice use of alternating pages.

Lowe London achieved Silver for their macabre campaign with Lucifer which we featured last June. Dutch photographer Olaf Veltman got the gig of depicting Lucifer, played by actor Anthony Acker, signing up some souls for that reassuringly expensive beer. Creative Director: Damon Collins, Copywriter: Sarah Naughton, Art Director: Alistair Ross, Typographer: by Marc Dondaldson

TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris, Johannesburg won Silver for a nicely illustrated twist in the bug spray category for Doom Insect Spray. Creative Director: Paul Warner, Copywriter: Hennie Stander, Art Director/Illustrator/Typographer: Adam Weber.

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