The Cannescellation: Chrome add-on that deletes Cannes Tweets.

Sick of seeing all the free-flowing rosé, amazing Cannes houses rented for the cool people, party pictures and bikini shots already? Well, isn't it nice that the CANNESCELLATION Chrome plugin exists then? "The Cannescellation stops the deluge of tweets and photos of the parties, the schmoozing, the boats, and the rosé you’re missing by not being in Cannes." Just install it and your web based Twitter feed will no longer send you into jealous rage, thus you can get back to work on that project that surely will get you to Cannes next year. Yep siree. Created by a group of Union creatives who are not in Cannes right now, and really kind of miffed about that.

“For the past few years, as soon as Cannes starts, my Twitter timeline has become nothing but shots of people on boats, people drinking rosé, people flaunting what a great time they’re having. I imagine next week will be the same. It gets a bit tiresome,” says Mike Takasaki, Associate Creative Director at UNION, “We wanted to do something for all the people stuck back at the office covering for them.”
“We could have just filtered out the tweets,” added Glen D’Souza, Associate Creative Director at UNION, “but we wanted to do something a little more satisfying with them.”

Advertising Agency: UNION, Toronto, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Lance Martin
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Glen D’Souza
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Mike Takasaki
Executive Director of Innovation: Mike Kasprow
Director of Integrated Production: Jen Dark
Integrated Producer: Gregg Vertes
Manager Creative Technology Jordan Shaw
Web Developer: Keshav Vohra
VFX & Animation: Adrian Stiegler

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