The #CannesLions cyber shortlist adland picks. Who will win tomorrow?

What will win in Cyber? That's always the toughest category you know, and the one with the most fun entries. :) Let have a look at a few.

Take this lollipop is on the shortlist. Yes, the creepy stalker who wil stalk your facebook photos from a dusty hideout complete with tricycle. Creeepy. Directed by Jason Zada, Created by TOOL Santa Monica, produced by Brian Latt, Oliver Fuselier and Dustin Callif. Developed by Jason Nickel. It's pretty cool.

Now, on the complete other end of the spectrum there's the Honda Connecting Lifelines. After the Tsunami disaster in Japan, Honda set their Internavi data free for the use of anyone to aid in the re-building of Japan, by showing the aid workers which roads were available based on the real time GPS data Honda Internavi cars reported in.

Sweden - Curators of Sweden fancy they have a chance in this race. The post about the worlds most democratic twitter account has been read eleven thousand times already, which isn't always a good thing.

Agency VOLONTAIRE in Stockholm say that the challenge is "Put Sweden’s core values (openness, authenticity, caring nature, innovation) into action and position it as a progressive country". And theoretically confused tweets about jewish anatomy (they all have several penises? WHO KNEW?) might be spot on brief, but also not very tempting to visit, since according to the same curator Sweden doesn't have any of these mythical several penises creatures. The campaign was shortlisted though.

IQ street view project. If you can say that Google used your data, like IQ can here (and Honda above can with their road map) you know you've impressed the judges. Add to that Happiness Brussels tend to win an annoying amount of awards... Yes, this has a very good shot of getting big chunks of metal. Very well done guys.

Who cares? well that's what the Swedish armed forces wanted to find out, and to do so they placed a man in a box who could only leave if someone else walked in there to take his place. Amazingly enough, people did (and I'll admit that even I considered doing it, as it was nearby and I felt sorry for the lad in the box). DDB Stockholm has a shot.

MEMAC OGILVY & MATHER Dubai brought us the worlds smallest IKEA banner and that's just too dang cute, it has to get something, though it's difficult to guess color of metal. Gold?

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