Canon "Printers in concert" (2017) 1:29 (USA)

Conductor Eric V. Hachikian is brought on board by Canon to demonstrate just how reliable Canon's ImageCLASS printers are, by printing sheet music to Beethoven's 7th symphony, during a live concert. That's right. The musicians hasn't seen the sheet music in advance. And they hadn't rehearsed the song. So with every last note on every page, the symphony hung in the balance. Nineteen printers in all were used to print 70 pages each. We're talking a symphony of more than 40 minutes. Normally I'm not one for seeing more than the spot, but I wish they'd filmed and released the entire performance. That would have been a surreal experience. Regardless, it's a fun idea to demonstrate the benefit of timely printing.

Agency: 360i NY
CCO: Pierre Lipton
Group Creative Director: Fabio Seidl
Creative Director: Dustin Glick
Copywriter: Morgan Sobel
Art Director: Kate DeLongpre
Head Producer: Colin Pearsall
Producer: Austin Shore
Production Company: Tool
Director: Alec Helms
Post Production: Fluid
Audio: Music and Strategy

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