CAP&Design: Heaven and Hell with Åsk 'Dabitch' Wäppling

Sharing "heaven or hell" the best and the worst of advertising in Sweden right now with Cap&Design magazine. The magazine has also made the article available on the web you can find it here, if you can read Swedish.

Åsk Wäppling is a freelance art director whose lifelong commercial addiction meant that she founded in Adland in 1996, the world's oldest advertising blog. Even as a child her obsessions with ads was obvious. She played "sing the brand's jingle" on long car trips and knew all the lines to all Tide "ring around the collar" adverts in the 70s. She remains convinced that you need to "roll in" Juicy Fruit in your mouth for it to taste right, and that only brunettes with long straight hair ever get dandruff.

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