CAPT Charity #FiveQuidKids - Chocolate or Charity? - (2015) :90 (UK)

A collection of adorkable kids are seated in front of the camera and given a whole five pounds, and then answer the question what they might want to buy with it. Elaborate ideas of giant cakes with chocolate all around, a hippopotamus, "everything chocolate!", toys, candy, a football, an X-box... and many ideas later, the children are told about the CAPT Charity. A charity that helps children who are in accidents. Now, do the kids want to keep £5 or give it to charity to help other kids be safe? Mental anguish later, all the kids turn the fiver over to charity.

The only thing I don't understand is why the tagline isn't guilt-tripping the hell out of us adults. It ends on "Kids care. Do yours?", as a lead-in to make parents guilt-trip their kids (on camera) and share the results on Facebook, etc. You could have just ended with "Kids care. Do you?"
"Share their answer at #Fivekids" - you know, sometimes it's inappropriate to try and use people as your viral media push, using peoples children is one of those times, in my humble opinion. As adorable as kids are, they have a right to privacy.

Simon Lane, the director, chuckled, “Chocolate seemed to feature quite a lot – whether in the form of a chocolate bar, a chocolate cake, or chocolate everything.”
As the children’s imaginations got more and more fired up, they were offered something else.
The dilemma: spend it on themselves or give it to CAPT to help stop accidents from happening to children. Chocolate or charity? Not an easy decision for a seven year-old.
Sophie Maunder-Allan, CEO of VCCPme and mother of two boys herself, laughed, “Our children went from angelic beauties to huffing and puffing divas demanding time to think about it.”
But their good sides won out as all but one child handed over their five pounds to charity – and even she said off camera that perhaps she’d share her toys instead.
Sophie said, “I’m not sure the results would be the same if we tested adults.”
The film goes live on 22nd September 2015 and can be viewed at It invites parents to test their own kid and either gloat about their reaction or sheepishly share their child’s preference at #FiveQuidKids. (Our bet is if they don’t choose charity, they’ll probably choose chocolate.)

Title: Chocolate or charity?
Client: Child Accident Prevention Trust
Agency: VCCPme
Creative Director: Michael Quinn
Art Director: Brett Gascoigne, David Hitch
Copywriter: Hannah Wallis, Tom Young
Planner: Gavin Hilton
Producer: Larissa Miola
Director: Simon Lane
Editor: Simon Lane
Director of Photography: Adrian Burke
Sound Engineer: Ben Leeves, Grand Central
Music: Audio Network

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