A car so cool it's made of ice.

Carpages.co.uk shows off a strange looking picture of a Super cool Polo - it's a life-size model of the Polo sculpted in real ice and parked outside the Saatchi Art Gallery in South Bank.

The sculpture was made from 9.5 tonnes of ice imported from Canada, by a company which specialises in ice carving, The Ice Box....The images of the ice car will be used within a national press advertising campaign which breaks on Thursday 27 May and will run for four weeks.

Hat tip for the cool find to Claymore.

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That picture in the article does look really dodgy - anyone found any other images of this car? I'm not so sure I believe this setup, any Londoners care to comment?

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The same pic was in UKs carpages. I think the sort of "floatfeeling" the pic have is because of the melting ice on the ground?

This is the backlash of virals. We hardly believe things happened since CP+B and others made us suspicious on everything.

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And yes I'm stupid since the Carpages is what the original message have as source *going to repent* %)

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You do have a point about us not even trusting a picture anymore though. But, then again, why should we?

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Good point although I think the ad-photography and the news-photo is different things. I don't usually tend to see ad-pix as documentary since I know how they are made :).

What I meant was that the virals tend to make us more suspicious over all - well: the pic on the Polo might be a fake though then the text must been made up too?

I don't think this is a viral although I can't find anything about it on the VW UK-site and the only thing found when googling is the same news spread over the bloggerworld. But somehow this seems to be too trustful to be viral - or then it's in my opinion a bad hoax since I found the virals being more surrealistic than this.

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