Career builder bring out the apes again, animal rights group peeved

Careerbuilder are still going ape over chimps and will be using them in yet another campaign, launching during the superbowl. The group aren't happy about it. If animal cruelty won't stop creatives from resorting to chimps, how about way tired creativity? Lets all boo and hiss and scream "hack" at the next ad that has chimps pretending t o be human in it. It got tired with PG Tips tea way back in the sixties, as their first chimp-family advert aired in 1956! Stop it already.

"Chimpanzees are suffering horribly for our entertainment," says world renowned chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall. "It is time to move beyond the misuse of creatures who are vulnerable to our exploitation precisely because they are so like us. We are asking companies like to make the right choice and remove themselves from this cruel process." Companies including Keds, Puma, HomeUSA Warehouse, and Honda pulled ads featuring great apes after learning of the cruelty inherent in training chimpanzees.
reads a statement in a press release from

A happy ending for last years stars though, the trainer who provided the chimp-actors Bob Dunn of Bob Dunn's Animal Services has ceased providing chimpanzees for entertainment and retired his apes to a legitimate sanctuary in Florida.

The "no animals were harmed" stamp of approval provided by the American Humane Association is limited to the film set - the group doesn't know how the animals were trained, no where they end up.

A 14-month investigation of a major Hollywood chimpanzee trainer by the Chimpanzee Collaboratory, of which Goodall is a member, revealed shocking treatment of chimpanzee "actors," including regular punching and kicking of baby chimpanzees. Goodall' group has also documented numerous instances where chimpanzees, formerly used in film and television, were "retired" to shoddy roadside zoos where they will languish for decades.

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