Career Junction - Grocery Lists, Garden contract, Wardrobe diagram - print United Arab Emirates

TBWA\RAAD, Dubai want you to "put your skills to better use" and ring Career Junction.
I wonder if Amritraj Gupta's grocery lists really look like that. :))

Nirmal Diwadkar : Creative Director
Sakib Afridi, Amritraj Gupta : Art Director
Abraham Varughese : Copywriter
Rishi Chanana : Art Director
Photographer: Kundan Raut
Illustrator: Amritraj Gupta

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That's a great grocery list!

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haha .. well perhaps if it wasnt for 'career junction' id probably be still art directing grocery lists till today :P

It was a super fun illustration though ... I was kinda adamant not to use the computer for any post work.. so practically had to do the darn thing about four times before i got it right.

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Well, it was worth it because it looks simply delish! Well done.