Carl's Jr - Tex Mex Bacon Thickburger "Borderball" - (2015) :60 (USA)

Carl's Jr is confusing greasy burgers with sex once again, this time showing a border beachball battle between bikini clad Texas ladies, vs bikini clad Mexican ladies. You see, the blond gal insists that black angus beef and bacon is "so Tex” while the smouldering brunette retorts that “fire roasted peppers and onions, it’s Mex”. The guys won't tell the ladies that the burger is neither Texan nor Mexican but instead Tex-Mex, which makes it a win-win for them. Now they can pig out on burgers and watch girls in bikinis slap each others asses, until the ladies figure it out.

So dumb. So very very dumb. And no, I don't think the border-barrier is any comment on Trump political candidacy, and his promise to build some sort of wall. That Carl's Jr is trying so hard to equate their burgers with sex isn't new, it's just getting more and more awkward. I'd never dare eat at a Carl's Jr, I suspect the scent of testosterone in the joint would knock me out. Is this what Coors hired 72andSunny for? I hope not.

Ad agency: 72andSunny

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