Carlsberg turns beer reviews into radio ads - probably the most honest radio campaign in the world.

Beer Me 45 second radio ad
  • Length: 0:45

YouTube is filled with tons of beer reviews: videos made by beer-enthusiasts from all over the world tasting beers and sharing their honest findings. The reviews are often recorded from their kitchen or basement with a simple webcam or phone.


Carlsberg decided to filter out the reviews for their classic Carlsberg pilsner and discovered that most of them were exclusively positive. In fact, some of them sounded so much like ads for their beer that Carlsberg, well, turned them into ads for their beer. Surely, Beertubers ‘ThomasMetal75’, ‘SofaKingDrunk’ and ‘GeorgeColvin’ didn’t expect their reviews to become part of an international radio campaign.

The result is a series of 45 second ads in which you hear different reviewers complimenting the artwork, taste and smell of Carlsberg. As if you’re drinking the beer right there with them. All reviews are accompanied by a laidback tune and a cheeky Danish Voice over to top it off. 

Probably the most honest radio campaign in the world.

The George Colvin Show 45 seconds
  • Length: 0:45
LouisianaBeerReviews 45 seconds
  • Length: 0:45
ThomasMetal75 45 second review
  • Length: 0:45
  • Length: 0:45
  • Client: Carlsberg International
  • Global Director Carlsberg Brand: Julian Marsili
  • Global Brand Manager Carlsberg: Christopher Bak Billing
  • Agency: Happiness Brussels
  • CEO/Executive Creative Management: Karen Corrigan
  • Chief Creative Officer: Geoffrey Hantson
  • Creative Director: Katrien Bottez
  • Strategic Director: Eline Goethals
  • Creative: Barbara Dzikanowice
  • Account Manager: Tine Van Hasselt
  • Sound studio: Raygun
  • Music: Raygun
  • Reviewer: Erik Fraunfelter a.k.a. 'ThomasMetal75'
  • Reviewer: George Colvin a.k.a. 'TheGeorgeColvinShow'
  • Reviewers: Trevor Lawless, David Harris and Shea Norman a.k.a. ‘BeerMe’
  • Reviewer: Ronald Theriot a.k.a. 'LouisianaBeerReviews'.
  • Reviewer: ‘SofaKingDrunk’ 
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