Carte Blance want to physically shake up the Quebec ad industry

Carte Blanche ad agency is launching a self-promotional campaign in Quebec touting their new "physically" credo.

No, I'm not quite sure what it means either, but this is supposed to attract advertisers who have been disappointed by the results of their prior advertising efforts with other agencies. I wish it meant that the suit-clad reservoir dogs like posse of Carte Blance was actually out there knocking competitors over the head with baseball bats. It would be a new approach, as back-stabbing with knives is getting so old. ;)

To go with the new campaign Carte Blance has redesigned their Carte Blanche website.

Carte Blanche explains "physically" as being an operational structure and creative platform based on active communication. If an advertiser hopes to truly distinguish himself from the competition, he must aggressively implant himself on the market. As such, Carte Blanche proposes an advertising creation centred on unconventional communication in order for the advertiser's message to provoke a physical response with the consumer.
In addition, Carte Blanche hopes to set itself apart from other Quebec advertising agencies by unequivocally claiming that the advertising industry needs new talent and a changing of the guard. "Business communication must, at all costs, be transformed to impose new rigorous creative standards. The globalization of the markets will not spare the advertising industry and Quebec's creative products must be capable of competing with other agencies throughout the world", states Johann Smith, Creative director at Carte Blanche.

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.......But what do they mean? Where will these posters run? Are they posters? I'm sorry but I honestly don't get it.

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Seems like this idea could have used a few more hours (or weeks) in the oven. ;-)

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What the fok are these supposed to mean? I don't get them either.