Castlemaine XXXX - Party preperation - (1991) 0:30 (UK)

I don't like sherry.

So they're expecting a few over for the barbie, and they're loading up the pickup truck with beer. "Something for the ladies?" asks the mate, so our hero orders "Two bottles of sweet cherry" and they're added to the pile. Unfortunately the pickup truck can't handle any more, and collapses under the weight of all the beers. "Looks like we've overdone it with the Sherry" they conclude.

Australians wouldn't give a Castlemine XXXX for anything else. And this campaign made me want to work in advertising.

Castlemaine XXXX

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the castlemine XXXX campaign made me so exited about advertising - I moved to London (from NYC) to complete my studies, after boring every tutor I had in NYC to tears about this campaign. I used to act it out in class, bad imitations of the accent and all.