Celebrity chef Tom Kitchin shows us how to make the best christmas dinner for £12.20

Over at tomschristmasdinner.com, celebrity chef Tom Kitchin - who was the youngest recipient of a Michelin guide star at 29 - has a video out to show us how to make The Most Amazing Christmas Dinner In The World for just £12.20. Whoa. The most amazing? Yes, the most amazing.

There's a twist of course! The site will reload after you've watched the video, as this is all a ruse to get you to donate £12.20 to feed school children for an entire year.

Last year Whitespace helped Mary's meals set one more plate at the table as well. This should become a creative tradition from now on, as it's a good cause and open to creative executions as well. Everyone who worked on this donated their time and skills, as well as set & location to create this celebrity chef ad for Mary's Meals charity. You can help too, just go to tomschristmasdinner.com and type in your donation. The hashtag #MostAmazingChristmasDinnerInTheWorldWithTomKitchin is spreading across twitter as we speak.

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