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Central Beheer - Ambulance (2007) 0:70 (Netherlands)

Trivia: this ad is filmed in Loviisa, Finland.

Agency: DDB, Amsterdam
Creative Team: Niels de Wit, Daniel Snelders
Agency Producer: Vanessa Janssen
Production Company: Stink, London
Director: Ivan Zacharias
Producer: Nick Landon
DP: Jack Velicky
Editors: Philip Malasek, Marc Bechtold
Music: 'Punatukkaiselle Tytölleni' & 'Jätkän humppa'
Soundstudio: Alfred Klaassen

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This is confusing me! Can someone Dutch help explain? I see that the ad is shot in Finland, and they speak Finnish from what I can tell. They drive an ambulanssi to the terveyskeskus and I even hear a woman over the radio say kaksi. However, the bike-guy says something that sounds like "ow (unintelligble) gebroken". Is he saying that he thinks his leg is broken in dutch to make it clear to the Dutch audience that he doesn't need the heart-machine? Or are we meant to deduce that the biking couple are Dutch tourists on vacation in Finland, and he is simply directing that comment to his gf?

To fall and break you leg in Finnish is: kaatua ja katkaista jalkansa

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You speak Finnish too now? How's the Klingon coming along?

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My bad......

I haven't contacted the head of the Klingon Language Institute for Dabitch, as I said I would.

I will be sending some email to him this week, so I should be able to let him know about Dabitch's interest in learning it.

Åsk - What would you like me to ask for you? Something like "Are there books available for study?", "What is needed to be trained in Klingon?", etc., etc???


"Remember, no matter where you go... There you are." (Buckaroo Banzai).

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I've always been rubbish at deciphering phonetic spelling, so are there any tapes I could get to hear how it's pronounced? :) Otherwise I'm a get something interesting to read and through that figure the language out kind of girl.

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There were several tapes and a CD, but they are apparently no longer available. [Maybe you can find them on Ebay]

Not Available:
Out of Print! -Star Trek: Klingon CD-ROM: $25
No longer available Power Klingon (audio tape): $12
No longer available Conversational Klingon (audio tape): $11

The Klingon Dictionary: $12
Klingon for the Galactic Traveler: $12 (new)
Font Disks: $13 (Computer disks with the KLI's rendering of Klingon fonts). [Note: Mac & PC formats only].
paghmo' tIn mIS: Much Ado About Nothing: $13
ghIlghameS (Gilgamesh): $12
The Klingon Hamlet: $12

Complete your collection of HolQeD, the KLI's scholarly journal (ISSN: 1061-2327). Back issues cost $3 each (+S&H as indicated below).

Note that handling charge is always $2.00 per order plus Shipping charges per ounce, based on where you are (It's $.80 per ounce for you).

See http://www.kli.org/ for complete info.

Also see this about their 'postal' course:

If you have any special requests or questions, I can send them directly to Lawrence, and see if he can expedite them.

"Remember, no matter where you go... There you are." (Buckaroo Banzai).

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Only in Adland would a thread on a Dutch ad devolve into where to learn Klingon on tape.

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Ha ha ha!