Centrum "frost" (2016) :30 (USA)

The benefit of this Centrum ad is either that they are now mint flavored and taste like Rolaids or that every time you open the bottle it gives you a uh...facial. What's amazing to me is that it is so apparently hard for grownups to take vitamins they now have to taste minty.

Client: Centrum
Agency: Leo Burnett
EVP, Executive Creative Directors: Mylene Pollock & Jeanie Caggiano
SVP, Creative Director: Eric Routenberg
VP/CD: Amanda Butts
Art Director: Mona Jo
Copywriter: Caroline Ganson
VP/Producer: Sean Pinney
Production: Lucky 21
Director: Rob Pritts
DP: James Whitaker
CEP: Tammie Kleinmann
Executive Producer: John Gilliland
Head of Production: Teresa Cameron
Production: Kevin Sharpton
Editorial: Beast
EP: Peter Hullinger
Sr. Producer: Lauren Roth
Producer: Joanna Woods
Editor: John Dingfield

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.."uh.. facial"

Get your mind out of the gutter.