Changyou take on gamer stereotypes with "Gaming Can't be Bad" campaign: wins funniest viral Cristal

Online game developer Changyou in China rolled out a three spot campaign earlier this year which was created by collaboration between Saatchi & Saatchi Greater China and Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Spain, while directed by Argentinian Nico Perez Veiga. It became an international viral hit, even if the ads were intended only for mainland China, as the situations described all transcended cultural barriers, a knowing humour about situations any game-playing adult - or non-gamer - recognises.

These three ads have just won the award for "funniest viral campaign of the year" over at the Cristal Festival which was held from December 9 to 13. Congrats all Saatchi's involved.

When the little girl wonders why her father just wants to play online games, we see that she's had him in tutus and at tea parties plenty of times, as well as forced him to watch the same movie, over and over until he knows every word to every song in "Frozen". As an in-joke for adults it works fine, especially the cock-blocking ability of kids (how on earth has humankind ever survived?), just don't let the little tutu princess see it.

With a melancholic piano tune, we open on a boss who blames all of his employees performance issues on online games played in the lunchroom on break, but is it really gamings fault the employee wants to escape his obnoxious boss for a few minutes? Really? No boss, it's all you.

Changyou explore all the reasons people might want to have a little fun in the world of online gaming. One huge reason might be Mom. Oh how she frets and fusses about you, and makes your social life really awkward due to it. Don't worry son, its just a phase. That will last your entire life!

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These are easily some of my favourite ads of the year. Why am I just seeing this now? Brilliant, and such an out-the-box perspective.