The Chemical Brothers ft Beck - Wide Open - (2016) 5:32 (UK)

You might think using a dancer for a dance music video is a little too easy, and then to leave her "wide open" when the song is named that is as well... But then Sonoya Mizuno starts moving, and she's already mesmerising without any CGI-help to begin with, so you watch. Adding the Mill's magical visual effects on top of that just makes this impossible to look away from. Hold out for the mirror moment toward the end, where we see Sonoya pass behind herself through herself. The choreography created by Wayne McGregor works together with the camera-movements to leave us moments where arms, legs, and even her whole head eventually, is replaced by an outlined white 'holey' version.

Client: The Chemical Brothers
Directors: Dom & Nic
Producer: John Madsen
Post production: The Mill
Principal talent: Sonoya Mizuno
Choreography: Wayne McGregor

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