Chevy super bowl ad inspired by Danish Seat ad, inspired by Bee movie?

The game hasn't even begun yet, we're all out getting snacks, chips and silly amounts of beers and other drinks in preparation for the big game. Bathroom breaks have been planned in the spots of the super bowl ads we've already showed you. Here's some more trivia that you may impress (or frighten) your friends with while the commercials are on, the first super bowl badlander. If they are adgeeks too, they'll be impressed. If they are civilians, they'll think you're a freak. Don't worry, we've all been there. God knows I have.

During the big game today, this ad will air for Chevy Sonic. It's called JOY and psyop have had a grand old time making the animation look cool.

You know what it looks like though? Idea-wise? It looks a lot like this SEAT ad from Denmark that was released last year. It was part of an augmented reality campaign where the ads alerted viewers to a game where you could chase these insects around Denmark, provided you download the AR app to your iphone or android and followed some clues of where they might be.

Of course, we can also argue that both of these have been inspired by that scene in Bee Movie where all the insects hitch a ride on a truck. Pass the beer please, the game is about to start again.

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It does not just look a lot like it. It is the same concept/execution! Even the product category is the same. Thanks for sharing.