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Chili's+NSYNC=Baby Back Ribs

The setting is a desert island. The NSYNC band is trapped on it! We first see J.C. as he sings "I want my baby back." Then we see individual shots of Justin, Lance, and Chris who also sing that line. Then the whole group is gathered on the shore (Including Joey) and they all sing "I want my Baby Back......Ribs."

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Then Lance takes it solo with "I want my baby back, baby back...ect. Then they all spot a helicopter nearing the island. Someone has noticed their plea for help. The boy band has spelled out "Send Ribs" on the shore.
The boys start jumping up and down calling for the ribs. Joey takes the melody that Lance was singing. Unfortunately for him, he takes it a little to far. As he starts to get his groove on and dances along the shore, the helicopter drops the huge, and most likely, heavy box......right on Joey!
The group stops calling out and stares blankly at the box. Then one of the guys sings the jingle, "Chili's Baby Back Ribs." We see the guys snacking on the ribs, all except for Joey. Where is he? Dead, very squashed, or did he escape?
Well this is answered when we see a shot of the box, and Joey's feet sticking out of the bottom. He wiggles his feet from side to side as he sing in a deep voice "Barbecue sauce." We can only suppose he's still under the box pigging out on some ribs and waiting for the sauce. I wonder why his friends didn't help him out?
First come the ribs, then Joey I guess. I thought this commercial was O.K. the part with the box dropping on Joey could have looked more real. He was obviously standing behind it. Where are the computer effects people? I don't even know if those were his feet at the end.

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