Chill out, have a whack.

Whack is the new Froster drink flavour, the follow-up to last year’s hugely successful Bloody Zit. The launch of this new frozen carbonated beverage is Mac's second major advertising effort, created by Bos Toronto.

The 30-second commercial supporting Whack's launch is entitled "Amazing", and began airing in cinemas this past weekend in front of blockbuster films like Mission Impossible 3 and X-Men 3. It's a spoof of those late-night infomercials. A follow-up 30-second TV spot, "Testimonials" picks up where "Amazing" first left off and features teens talking about their Whack experiences.
At the end of both spots and on the majority of POP material, teens are driven to a website,, where they can really get in on the Whack-tion. Upon arrival on the site, the same "infomercial host" from the TV and cinema ads greets the viewer and encourages them to explore and play. They can watch an extended version of the TV spot and pass it onto friends. They can even upload a photo that literally puts their face "in the show" and email their friends to watch it.

Super adgrunts can see the ad here in the commercial achive too btw.

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