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Chip Shop awards, the offensive awards, deleted tweet deemed too offensive. Wait, what?

To remind people to enter the Chip Shop awards their Twitter account tweeted the above image, which shows Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski taking a topless selfie while flipping the bird. Don't be an idiot, like these gals, enter the awards. Ads that win the Chip Shop awards are offensive, hilarious, way over the top and often really cringeworthy. Remember the Hitler Frisbee ad? Yeah that's a perfect example. Mere minutes after tweeting the above Kim & Emily picture, people responded in the negative:

This is where it starts to get very interesting, someone suggested that it should be added to #everydaysexism and while the social media manager of the Chip Shop award regards naked selfies as "not empowering", a non controversial viewpoint she shares with millions of other women, the topic proved too hot to handle and the offending tweet was removed.

Then the Chip Shop awards apologized for the tweet. With a sign that read "unrestricted creativity". I can't be the only one who sees the irony in this. Topless selfies and women who build careers out of their nude bodies are now a more offensive topic to toy with than Hitler. We certainly do live in interesting times.

Previous Chip Shop here in Adland; In 2015 our UK correspondent David Felton reported "live" from the awards. In 2011 this Shop Sign won, and back in 2005 they were at The Fringe in Edinburgh.

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Reminder: The Chip Shop awards has a category for best knob gag. I'm kind of stumped at how this got so much attention.