Christian Aid Week advert uses PowaTag for donations

Christian Aid is the first charity to use the PowaTag payment system in a TV commercial. Simply point your smartphone to the TV to make a donation. The ad shows how little things can help a lot, as a woman gets a waterpump investment she can grow her way out of poverty, as children get monetary support for schools, they get brighter futures. About halfway through the advert the PowaTag logo pops up with the caption: "Listen to give." The app will recognize the ad and takes viewers to a page where they can specify the donation amount.

The ad will air during Cristian Aid Week from 10 to 16 May on ITV.

"Like all charities, we need to move with the times and embrace new technologies in order to make it easier for people with busy lives to donate at a time convenient to them." said Eleanor Ledesma, head of Christian Aid Week.

Client: Cristian Aid

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