Christian Bale speaks for Amnesty International in premiere podcast.

Amnesty International developed a series of podcasts that will come out periodically, starting today. This first 30 minute podcast in the series tells the story story of Chinese civil rights activist, Chen Guangcheng, narrated by Christian Bale. This podcast is composed by Audio Network Composer, Paul Ressel and Sue Verran to provide extra emotional depth. From the press release: "Commenting on the brief behind his composition, Paul Ressel comments: “When I first sat down with Amnesty International, it emerged that an important tenet of the series would be to leave it to the audience to make up their own minds about what they had heard. In that vein I wanted the music to ask a question instead of imposing a mood upon the listener. I wanted it to be ambiguous enough to let the listener's own feelings on the matter give it colour.” Overall the music really complements this podcast, knowing when to drop out and let the words speak for themselves, and when to augment it. Credits Client: Amnesty International Agency: In-House Producer: Emma Shore & Sam Lawlor Music Company: Audio Network Composer: Paul Ressel & Sue Verran Music Sync: Nick Bennett @ Audio Network Voice over: Christian Bale Audio Mix: Amnesty International

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