Cinemex "Trench" (2016) 1:00 (Mexico)

A battle in the trenches between Germans and Americans. The sound of gunfire, explosions and screaming voices. The tension builds to a climax, as the combat intensifies, before the camera pulls out to reveal the entire "trench

Client: Cinemex
Agency: EPICA
Creative Directors: Erick de Kerpel, Diego Gonzalez
Art Directors: Erick de Kerpel, Diego Gonzalez
Copywriters: Erick de Kerpel, Diego Gonzalez
Head of Production: Berenice Rodriguez
Production Company: Central Films
Director: Rodrigo Garcia Saiz
DP: Mateo Londono
Executive Producer: Mauricio Francini
Editorial: Central Films
Editor: Jorge Hernandez
Post Production: Central Films
Colorist: Ricky Gaussis, MPC Los Angeles
Post Producers: Patricia, Guerra, Leonel Perez
Mixer: Bernardo Bravo

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