Citra Whitening Body wash - Rubberducky - print, Indonesia

Unilever - you know, the people with both Dove and Axe in their product portfolio also sell stuff that makes yellow duckies white. Citra Whitening Body wash "whitens beautiful skin in the bath". Because god forbid we stay looking the way we do, which reminds me I need to get some Dove Summer Glow Body Tanning Lotion so that I stop looking like the lily-white redhead that I am. From Lowe Indonesia.

Client: Unilever, Citra Whitening Body Wash
Agency: Lowe Indonesia
Artli : Photographer
Heru Suryoko : Retoucher
Din Sumedi : Executive Creative Director
Firman Halim : Creative Director
Andruya Andrus : Art Director
Anton Jaya : Copywriter
Handayani Wirdan : Agency Producer

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