CIWF wants to end the EU practice of factory farming rabbits

Director Sam Cadman is an award-winning filmmaker and leader in the genre of experiential storytelling. His latest work, a social campaign for Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), is a powerful and deeply disturbing look at the EU practice of factory farming rabbits.

This campaign is definitely made for social. Oddly though, the choice of typeface and use of emoji somehow makes the message feel trite. I guess it's better than the usual heavy-handed approach that an organization like PETA would do, but I wonder if there isn't a happy medium somewhere.

Client: Compassion in World Farming

Director/Creative Director: Sam Cadman

Prod Co.: Red & White Productions & Rogue Films

Producer: Sam Cadman/Dominic Stoppani

Editor: Dominic Stoppani

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