Clean Space "Light The Way" (2016) :50 (UK)

Air pollution is a big global threat to our health. Clean Space is an app that lets you know where the most polluted areas are so you can take the cleanest route? Neat idea.
This as was part of a larger project called Light the Way. Which took place at Waveney Avenue, Peckham Rye. They lit street lamps in red and green to show you which areas were more polluted than others. This was designed using the innovative technology developed by Drayson Technologies. Street lights were fitted with a CleanSpace Tag, the world’s first self-charging CO sensor, powered by Drayson Technologies’ Freevolt system. The Tags communicated to the lights via Bluetooth, using the CO data to change the color of the lights red or green.

I wasn't aware that pollution stayed in its lane like that. I always assumed it was like, moved by wind or something.

Client: Cleanspace
Agency: MRM Meteorite
Creative Director: Andrew Day
Hugh Bishop, Non-Executive Chair, Drayson Technologies and MRM Chairman
Production: MoreMilk
Director: Liam Winn

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