Clear Channel Communications refuses anti-war ads

The group called "Project Billboard" booked their ad space way back in December of last year, on a Billboard at the Marriott Marquis Hotel at Broadway and 45th Street in NYC. Now Clear Channel Communications - one of the largest Media Companies in the US (and the world) - has nixed the ad and will not run it next month as previously planned. has more. The Project Billboard group are accusing Clear Channel for breach of contract and are expected to file a suit today in Manhattan federal court. Read more to see the offending posters.

Hat tip to Michael modern times film @ adlist.

There are conflicting reports if the second ad was nixed or not by Clear Channel - the second image carried a dove instead of a bomb.

Clear Channel's chief executive officer, Paul Meyer, told the paper that the company's only objection was the group's use of "the bomb imagery" in its proposed billboard.

Meyer said Clear Channel had signed off on a billboard that would use the image of a dove instead of a bomb, but that it still required the approval of the Marriott Marquis management, which he said also objected to the bomb billboard.

"We have no political agenda," Meyer told the Times. "It's the bomb imagery we objected to."

When it's a sex bomb they don't seem to mind, Jenna Jameson has had three giant billboards in Times Square this past year - she doesn't wear very much in either one of those posters. Just two blocks away, east side of Seventh Ave. between 48th and 49th streets.

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Come on, are you really surprised at Clear Channel? Everyone knows they're a bunch of fascists!

Remember what happened with the Dixie Chicks? At a concert in London, one of the singers mentioned that she's ashamed to be a citizen of the US because of its doltish president.

When this comment made headlines, Clear Channel refused to play the Dixie Chick's music on its radio stations.

Which just proves they're a bunch of reactionary, fascist morons.

It's funny, really, when you think about them taking offense to a cartoonish bomb image that's promoting peace. ..Of course, cartoon-like bombs ARE dangerous. Everyone knows that. Just the other day while watching Wyle E. Coyote tinker with some dynamite, a strange desire to blow up stuff came over me. Go figure.

(I hope the FBI won't start harassesing me for an attempt at irony. But with the "Patriot Act," anything's possible...)

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Banning the Dixie Chicks is no bad thing though.

CopyWhore's picture

True. It's just that Clear Channel was banning 'em for the wrong reasons!

deeped's picture

I think banning for whatever reason is rather fascistic :)

Dabitch's picture

"Fascist" is being used more often than not these days, especially in combo with big media corps like clearchannel... Remember back when we were punk-ass teenagers and only applied it to parents who wouldn't let you stay out late (or was that just me?)

deeped's picture

Well... my mom didn't care that much... and I was a punkass-kid eight years old :D

caffeinegoddess's picture

I'm not at all shocked. There's an obvious pattern showing.

Dabitch's picture

sexbombs = good you mean? ;)

andromeda's picture

I wish there was some way I could make the pattern obvious to our media-buyers... all big clearchannel fans.

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