Clear Channel sponsor "Our Leader" Dubya Bush.

ClearChannel, the worldwide media company that seems to own anything you can advertise on these days have put up posters reminiscent of old Saddam, Stalin & Kadafi propaganda paintings
in dowtown Orlando - spotted by Stephanie at democratic underground board.

BlueLemur reports that the smiling photograph of President Bush with the words “Our Leader” is raising eyebrows everywhere. The poster is signed political public service message brought to you by Clear Channel Outdoor

In response to inquiries from RAW STORY and the Associated Press, Clear Channel Outdoor issued a statement asserting that the billboard’s content was the product of the local office of the company, and not a corporate decision.

It appeared to confirm that Clear Channel did indeed place the billboard in question.

"Clear Channel Outdoor markets are operated locally," Tony Alwin, Senior Vice President, Creative for Clear Channel Outdoor, said. "Local managers determine what copy to use when a location has time that is not sold to an advertiser."

Clear Channel Outdoor Orlando said they could not respond to requests for comment this week because their press person was "away." They referred calls to their San Antonio corporate parent, which did not return two messages for comment.

Hat tip to Leslie.

Update: Related link more insane billboards in Arizona, USA. Wow!. The comments are priceless.

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ugh. I really loathe all the "support troops & Bush" BS. I'm so tempted to just cross out the Bush part with my massive black sharpie. They aren't exclusive and they don't go hand in hand. Sorry, I know that's sorta off topic but it really annoys me.

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Gah. That is very disturbing.

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A friend of mine, from an ex-communist country, would cry if she saw these. We were talking about the FOX news here in the US, and she said it reminded her so much of her old government's propaganda.

The least we can do it call BS via the internet.

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Ignorance is Strength.

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Yeah that one just kills me.