Climate Change is in our hands

Between theNovember 30th and December 12th, and the 12th COP21 will meet in Paris to talk about the climate change crisis. To make a point that we're all responsible for it, that climate change it is in our hands, BETC created an outdoor campaign featuring portraits of different people holding mirrors that reflect the sky. In other words, climate change is in their hands.

Rémi Babinet President and Executive Creative Director
Catherine Emprin General Director
Solène Lecomte, Client Director
Marine Raelison, Client Manager
Creative Directors -Rémi Babinet
-Olivier Apers
ART DIRECTOR - Pierre Boutin
COPYWRITER - Adrian Skenderovic
PHOTOGRAPHER - Cédric Delsaux
ART BUYER - Stéphanie Giordano
PRODUCTION - Catherine Bouchaud, Sandrine Lascuettes

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