Clio award student win this year, was already a Clio award interactive win last year

It's been a while since I badlanded stuff, despite seeing badlanders every day, as I find it's no fun unless there's an interesting twist to it. Leave it to Badland-ninja Joelapompe to nudge me with this pairing. Students win Clio silver for the same idea that got a Clio bronze the year prior. Twist!

Here's this years student winner. Organize your desktop with Ikea, they say. Download this app & presto, you've now got your music in a fancy bookshelf.

But wait, isn't that pretty much exactly like last years Interactive Clio Bronze winner from Laboratory Ideas, the Ikea e-folder, albeit with a better name? Organize your desktop. Download this app. Presto your music files are now in a bookshelf. Seems familiar.

Apparently, it's worth a Silver in Clio award when a student does it......

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The Silver Award winner did have a slightly better soundtrack and summary video, so there's something. Do you think if I submit this for 2015, I've got a shot at the Gold?