Coca-Cola creates selfie bottle.

Now there's no reason to spoil the moment when you want to drink some Coke, because Coke created a bottle that allows you to snap a selfie while you drink. This pice of drinkable tech made its debut at Israel's Summer Love event.

The proprietary technology was developed specifically for the Israel's Summer Love event-- great placement there. They will be thirsty, they will have Coke. Coke has done a lot of tech-driven ideas in Israel at teenage camps and events before. The real life like updates peoples facebook at the swipe of a wristband. They created the Wish in a bottle in 2015. They even made the commercial you can taste in 2016.

As for the tech here, they customized a camera to fit with a 0.5L bottle of Coca-Cola. Whenever there is a 70 degree tilt on the bottle, it would snaps a selfie automagically. All of the pictures get uploaded to users’ Snapchat, Coca-Cola Israel's Facebook page which has 400K fans, as well as the brand’s instagram page. Fun idea that uses tech, stays on brand with the happiness message for a conceptually relevant reason. See, kids? It can be done!

Client: Coca-Cola Israel
Agency: Gefen Team

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