Coca-Cola "Gold feelings" (2016) 1:00 (Brazil)

What does it feel like to win gold? Coke asked that question and got the answers from some winners like taekwondo star Jade Jones, water polo player Petar Muslim, hurdler Sally Pearson and more. I guess it's better than asking potential hopefuls what it's like to pull out over zika fears.

Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: Ogilvy Brazil/David
CD: Anselmo Ramos, Rafael Donato, Felix Del Valle Conde, Emilio Valverde
Art Director: Natasha Maasri
Account Director: Ana Paula Perdigao, Gabriela Malta
Producer: Gabriela Boghosian (Brazil), Veronica Beach (USA), & Marla Ulrich (USA)
Prod Co: Anonymous Content
Director(s): Omri Cohen
DP: Edu Grau
EP: Gina Zapata & SueEllen Clair
Producer: Justin Diener
Editorial Co: Lost Planet Editorial
Editor: Max Koepke & Kimmy Dube
Assistant Editor: Steven San Miguel
EP: Krystn Wagenberg
Producer: Casey Cayko
Post/Effects Co: Black Hole
Lead Flame Artist: Tim Farrell
Assistant Flame Artist: Luke Bedellion
Designer/Animator(s): Reggie Butler & Andre Sam
EP: Krystn Wagenberg
Producer: Tim Vierling
Color Grade Co: Company 3
Colorist(s): Rob Sciarratta
EP: Rhubie Jovanov
Producer: Katie Andrews
Composer(s): Avicii
Audio Post Co: Heard City
Mixer(s): Dan Flosdorf
EP:Sasha Awn
Producer: Talia Rodgers

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