Coca Cola - The Great Escape (SPEC) 0:60 (USA)

From Director John Budion:

With the support of the Click management team, I scripted and directed this little uplifting story using the HVX camera and other equipment that Click has in studio. I shot it with a friend of mine, John DeFeo who served as my DP and the bum at the end. We shot sort of guerilla style all over NYC. I strapped about 30 feet of fishing line to myself and pulled cans and bottles of Coke all over the city while filming both the cans and people«s reactions. I went to various locations: the subway, parks, and Grand Central Station. I then took about 4 days to edit the footage in Final Cut, and then loaded the cut to the Flame for finishing. In all, completion of the whole project took about 12 days to shoot, edit, and finish. Additionally, there is no CG in the spot. Everything was shot in-camera, including the elements that I composited after.

Client: Coke (spec)
Spot Title: The Great Escape

Director/Editor/Compositor: John Budion
DP: John DeFeo

Audio Post: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Justin Matley

Shoot Location: NYC

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