Coke / Coca-cola - Odd Couple / Jinx - (2008) :60 (USA)

agency: Wieden+Kennedy

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Sadly, it's not The Real Thing™

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The beginning of a wonderful friendship

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Ok, base idea - that Coke can conquer the big divide even the one between Reps and Dems in the current political climate, isn't off strategy. It's just hella boring and way cheesy. Do not want.

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I wondered if they were playing off the fact that James Carville (dem) is married to a Republican and just couldn't get her to do the spot with him.

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The link to the product is far fetched.
It might just have been a car. Or...

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"Jinx, buy me a Coke" is far fetched? What planet are your from?

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I liked it, I am sick of shows like Crossfire, encouraging politicians to argue, its why America is in the stink hole. I don't want a big corporation telling me to lighten up, its telling the politicians to.