Coke - Happiness Factory Yawn - (2009) :30 (The Netherlands)

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
Production Company: Psyop

Director : Psyop
Federico Barbabosa : DoP
John Norman, Jeff Kling : Executive Creative Director
Sue Anderson, Jorge Calleja : Creative Director
Barney Hobson : Art Director
Rick Chant : Copywriter
Darryl Hagans : Agency Producer
Neysa Horsburgh : Executive Producer
Kim Wildenburg : Producer
Psyop Creative Directors: Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick

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Funny: in The Netherlands itself, they've broadcasted this with a white person!

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wha-wha-WHaT? I gotta get a hold of all versions, that's bizarre. (Also, our rule, because we had to make one, is to name the country of creation - in this case Amsterdam agency - as "country" since there are so very many worldwide ads these days. This ad airs in the United States as well as in Europe - but I thought there was only one version!)

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Here you go:

(How do I insert a YouTube video?)

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Just use the embed code they give you, like so;