Coke noise pollutes city centers in the spirit of football

Coke is cheering on the football as usual, and their TV effort is an animated commercial showing natural enemies rejoicing together over a goal. Hippies hug soaps, husband hugs the wife's lover, cactuses hug balloons - all the while the voiceover yells "gooooaaaaaal" for some fictive player in team of the country where the ad runs. The commercial is naturally dubbed in Danish for Denmark, insinuating that Denmark won, in Swedish for Sweden and so on. Posters that go with this ad are inside, and they are noisy!

Now, it's not the first time I've seen a poster that makes noise, already back in 1998 SPA water did a campaign in the Netherlands, where the new "softer" bubbles could be heard if you stood close enough to the poster. Since the noise was rather soft and the technique rather new, some of the posters in Amsterdam actually had small crowds of people talking about the sound they emitted around them.

Coke on the other hand isn't at all that discreet. Their posters carry the same type of speaker and replay the voice-over of the commercial, over and over and over again.
Taxi drivers who's stand was next to the poster depicted shared with me how much they despised that "Gooooaaaaaaaal" noise after just waiting there twenty minutes, three of them were discussing how to sabotage the damn thing. I fully understand them, and wonder if ad creep which has invaded all sorts of visual and personal space now also has to invade the soundspace as well. I really shouldn't be suprised - after all any given city is looking more and more like that future we saw in Bladerunner way back then. Urbanites, just plug in your ipods and forget ever hearing the birds chirp again. I know that clearchannel owns the poster-site, but who owns the pavement and street?

* edit: This poster is located on Hamngatan in Stockholm, Sweden if you fancy looking it up and trashing it. ;)

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Denmark didn't make it to the World Cup, so we have nothing to celebrate. Coke taunts our nation and I will never drink a Coke ever again.

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Sore looser! Nyah Nyah Nyah! Perhaps some war will break out, letting you guys slip back in and win again....