Coke Posters tease with tasty images saying "Try not to hear this"

Relying on synesthesia and the decades of coke ads with the distinctive fizzing and bottle opening sounds that we have all grown up with, Coke teases us with images that are loud in our heads. 

The familiar "psccccchht" when opening a bottle, or a can, is depicted in two great images, while that satisfying fizzing as Coke settles over ice in a glass is another image. Yes, you can practically hear them when looking at them, there are subreddits dedicated to this phenomena and Coke must have realized what a goldmine they are sitting on, having played loud sounds to these types of images in commercials for decades. It's a bit of ASMR for your eyes, if you will. 

Advertising Agency: DAVID the Agency, USA
Managing Director / Global COO: Paulo Fogaça
Executive Creative Director: Ricardo Casal
Executive Creative Director: Juan Javier Peña Plaza
Associate Creative Director: Fernando Pellizzaro
Associate Creative Director: Jean Zamprogno
Art Director: Andy Tamayo
Copywriter: Alex Allen
Creative Coordinator: Cristina Cornejo Ayala
Head of Global Production: Veronica Beach
Producer: Renata Neumann
Producer: Ricardo Ceballos
Director of Strategy: Jon Carlaw
Senior Brand Planner: Matias Candia
Head of Account Management: Carmen Rodriguez
Account Director: Stefane Rosa
Account Supervisor: Jenny Gobel
Account Executive: Nneoma Chukwueke

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