Color: Messages & Meanings: A Pantone Color Resource

 Color: Messages and Meanings, A PANTONE® Color Resource is the follow-up  to the PANTONE® Guide to Communicating With Color. This book contains all  new material to help you make effective, unique and credible color choices.  Based on research and filled with hundreds of color combinations and  illustrations, this book presents color expert, Leatrice Eiseman's insights  on color and emotion, and addresses how best to integrate these qualities  into your work, insuring your intended message is communicated. Experience  inspiration through the most effective combinations for communicating  moods, ranging from assertive to provocative or intimate, and many other  moods. These essential guidelines and illustrations can be applied to so  many of your projects... branding, packaging, signage, point-of-purchase,  displays, advertising, logos, websites and more. Everything you need to  make color work more effectively in your designs, from valuable color  information to charts for converting PANTONE solid ink colors to four-color  process (CMYK) formulas, is thoughtfully presented. Created for everyone  whose color choices are critically important for the success of a project,  this book will prove a valuable tool and resource that will enable you to  jump-start your imagination, and provide you with the appropriate  rationales for making those choices.

Image of Color - Messages & Meanings: A PANTONE Color Resource
Author: Leatrice Eiseman
Publisher: Hand Books Press (2006)
Binding: Paperback, 144 pages
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