Columbia Sportswear "Directors of Toughness" (2016) 2:31 (USA)

Columbia Sportswear is searching for the next Director of Toughness. And agency North is here to help with this effort, involving their west cost try outs. After showing up for what they think is just a normal everyday routine interview (because routine interviews always take place outside with a film crew) these candidates are told there's one more part of the interview. Duh-dun-dunnnnnnnnn. Here they need to reach the summit of a nearly 7,600 ft glacier, Palmer Glacier, where they will then be interviewed by a snark dropping bro HR Rep who's going to show these candidates what silly people they are. They don't know east from west. They have silly names. They don't have lightning reflexes. When one guy is talking about his two-year long distance relationship, the interviewer asks "What's your biggest fear other than commitment."
All I know is when one of these candidates mentions he was deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan that's when headband bro should have given up his seat because I'm pretty sure he qualifies as a toughness director based on that alone. This is an ongoing content series, by the way. So stay tuned for the winner.

Chief Marketing Officer - Stu Redsun
Scott Trepanier Director of PR & Communications
Agency: NORTH
Chief Creative Officer - Mark Ray
Executive Creative Director/ Art Director - Luke Perkins
Creative Director/ Copywriter - Aaron Robnett
Art Director - Kaleen Anderson
Executive Producer - Steve Rauner
Content Producer - Matt Genz
Print Producer - Peter Calendra
Strategic Director - Jordan Delapoer
Brand Director - Kelly Quinn, Alex Gatewood & Derek Muller
Editorial Producer - Matt Genz
Editor - Kelly Brickner Lyon
Production Company - Big Block
Director Josh + Vince
Executive Producer - Geno Imbriale
Sound Design/Mix - Digital one
VFX - Pinata Post

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