A Common Thread Signs Aussie Director Brendan Williams

Brendan Williams

LOS ANGELES—A Common Thread has signed Australian director/cinematographer Brendan Williams, ACS, for exclusive representation in the United States. Williams brings a resume that includes award-winning work for such brands as Subaru, Mitsubishi, Queensland Tourism, eBay and Hyundai. Fluent in a wide range of styles and genres, Williams is highly regarded both as a visual storyteller and for his technical brilliance.

“We’ve been following Brendan’s career for years and are truly impressed with the quality of the work and all that he brings to the table,” said A Common Thread executive producer J.P. McMahon. “He is extremely innovative in his camera technique and he also shows a great skill as a storyteller. He is a unique talent and we look forward to introducing him to U.S. agencies.”

Williams began his career as a director of photography and has won virtually every award given in Australia for cinematography. Since making his directorial debut in 2000, he has turned out a string of groundbreaking campaigns. They include a spot for BMW in which a 1960s vintage roadster morphs into models of successively more recent vintage while traveling around a track. A recent ad for Hyundai features a hypnotic montage of time-lapse footage showing the Northern Lights, bullet trains, hot air balloons and cityscapes.

To accomplish such breathtaking visuals, Williams combines cutting-edge camera techniques with visual effects, editorial and post production processing. For a recent Mitsubishi campaign, Williams accompanied stirring visuals with sound design that he produced himself. “In every project, I look to do something visually amazing,” he says. “I like to invent new techniques, to do what hasn’t been done before.”

The son of an Australian feature film and commercial producer, Williams began his professional career when he was just 20. As a cinematographer, he worked in television, features, documentaries, music videos and commercials.

Williams is eager to apply his unique skill set to American advertising and feels that A Common Thread provides an ideal platform to accomplish that goal. “They are good guys with a fresh attitude and keen insight into the U.S. advertising market,” he says. “I like being the fresh face on the block.”

A Common Thread is located at 4081 Redwood Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90066. For more information, call 310.823.7300 or visit https://www.acommonthread.tv

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