Contrapunto auctions off their 1989 Grand Prix Lion for charity, on Ebay

Have 500 Euro or more burning a hole in your pocket? Why not buy your way to advertising fame for your award-cabinet at home. The Grand Prix Lion from 1989 is on Ebay and the starting bid is 500 Euro. It's Spanish agency Contrapunto who decided to auction off the 1989 Grand Prix Lion they received for the film "Scooter /Suitcase". The commercial for TV Espana featured an lovable but sad dog who packs his bags and leaves as his master would rather watch TV than play with him. Aaaaaawwww. Wook at his widdle suitcase. So kyoot.

If you do end up winning the Ebay bid, be proud. All proceeds go to charity. And I hear they make great paperweights.

TVE Scooter/ Suitcase - (1989)

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