Coop - The Organic Effect - (2015) :90 (Sweden)

Coop, the Swedish supermarket chain has a well established house brand of organic food, in fact the supermarket chain has pioneered the organic product areas since the 1980s in Sweden, helping farmers switch from conventional to organic, working to make organic food more accessible for consumers, and even challenging politicians to do more for the production of organic food in Sweden.

They're well familiar with a families reasoning for not choosing organic: it's expensive. Forsman & Bodenfors helped Coop turn this around by asking at what cost are you really saving those pennies on your grocery shopping. By demonstrating what scientists have already known for years, if you eat conventional food, you have a number of pesticides in your body.

One regular family agreed to the experiment and after only one week of eating only organic foods, their test results are dramatically different. As the mother of the household puts it, these are chemicals she does't want back inside of her children. This ad kicks off a campaign to strengthen Coop's brand in Sweden, but it also aims to give organic farming a push globally.

Client: Coop Sweden
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Art director: Johan Eghammer, Johanna Hofman-Bang
Copywriter: Johan Olivero
Production company: Acne Film
Director: Marcus Svanberg
Producer: Kristofer Larsson

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Here in America, the growers and distributors all know very well that the only way they can keep making money and keeping their voice being heard is to PRICE out the value of organic foods for GMO's and lesser nutritional foods. They also know that the "dumbing down" of the American consumer, mentality and spirit , if you will, and the horrendous pay scale especially in the single family household, leaves Americans (Mothers) no choice but to buy whatever they can get to feed their household. America seems to be much more interested through lobbyists and corrupt politicians to keep the firearms magnets in supply than the healthy food supply. Sad but in my opinion true. So, who and what are we really? What would Jesus do?

Morten's picture

Hi Elisabeth,

The belief that GMO or other conventionally grown food is less healthy or less nutritional than organic food is not supported by evidence. You need not look further than the wikipedia article on orgnaic food:

As for the commercial above, it only checks for synthetic pesticies, and ignores pesticides used in organic food. It is very disingenuous.

Jesus would probably look at the evidence.

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morten: you can't be serious.
all the news you're seeing is scheduled as a distraction beyond comprehension.
of course m on s t e r s a n t o is poisoning the food supply. how will be keep the population of sickness going.
you got a lot to learn. you probably rely on Sn opes as well, run by Uncle Soros.

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> referencing Wikipedia as a reputable source

You're hilarious.

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GMO Foods Cause CANCER + read WAVEgenetic + БЕСПЛОДИЕ Советую читать "Энциклопедию умного сыроедения" Гладков С.М. ( в 1части книги дана информация о ГМО) + "Лингвистико-волновой геном" Гаряев, "Семена разрушения" Уильяма Энгдаля + "Что мы едим?..." Ермакова И.В., а также док. фильмы "Мир согласно Монсанто" (2008г.) и "Трансгенизация" (2007г.)