Courtyard By Marriott "Vikings" (2014) :30 (USA)

Fairly certain the red-headed Swedish head of Adland will point out fourteen things historically wrong with this Courtyard By Marriott ad featuring vikings, but I thought it was kinda funny.
Except for the button.Much like this wine-swilling Viking who can't stand buttery Chards, I can't stand buttons.

Client: Courtyard Marriott
Global Brand Marketing Vice President - Mara Hannula
Courtyard Brand Marketing Vice President - Gini Gladstone
Courtyard Marketing Manager - Alison Hill Senior
Courtyard VP and Global Brand Manager - Callette Neilsen
Agency: mcgarrybowen
Chief Creative Officer - Ned Crowley
Creative Director - Pat Burke
Creative Director - Chris Carraway
Senior Producer - Eric Faber
Senior Music Producer - Morgan Thoryk
Director of Content Production - Steve Ross
Managing Director - Ida Rezvani
Account Managing Director - Alexandra Gordon
Account Supervisor - Jonathan Frank
Assistant Account Executive - Megan Nickerson
Production Co: Chromista
Director - Xavier Mairesse
Executive producer - Scott Franklin
Executive producer - Ted Robbins
Executive producer - Sandy Haddad
Post Production Co - Ntropic
Executive Producer - Blythe Dalton Klippsten
Creative Director and Flame - Simon Mowbray
Colorist - Marshall Plante
Shoot Supervision - Andrew Sinagra and James McCarthy
Producer - Tina Starkweather
Telecine Producer - Sacha Smith
VFX and Comp- Mark Wurts
Additional Flame - Matt Tremaglio
Flame Assistant - Jerome Knight
Cutters - Edit house
Editor - Matt Walsh
Producer - Patrick Casey
Executive producer - Craig Duncan

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Actually that wasn't too bad, striped sail, fjord-landscape, leather armour, metal helmets without horns. I'm leaving it alone.

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Where was the portion of the ad on the boat filmed?

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I'd like to 'second' Mike Philipps' question. Where was this filmed?

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Seeing that Courtyard's management seems to be nothing but a bunch a useless fish, I'll be staying elsewhere ... MUST be substandard with that herd of incompetence and estrus.