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Cracker Barrel made a juicy fried chicken pool float

Hard to believe it's already nearing the end of May and the official start of summer in the States with the Memorial Day weekend fast approaching. Some brands all already having fun with the summer season including Cracker Barrel. 

To celebrate the fact they made fried chicken a permanent thing on their menyu, the restaurant chain is running a contest where lucky folks can win the juiciest pool float ever. But only if they come up with a witty chickenism. What is a chickenism, you ask? It's an adage about chicken of course, Think Mark Twain  or Marcus Aurelius but with a singular focus on deep-fried poultry. 

They already have a few rather cutesy sayings for your creative inspiration including "When life gives you lemons, put them in your sweet tea and order the fried chicken," "Wash down some sweet tea with a little fired chicken," and my favorite "I think fried chicken, therefore I will order fried chicken." I also kind of like the art direction, too. It harkens back to those needlepoint/cross-stich things people used to hang in their houses. They probably still do for all I know. 

Here is the info:

Now is your chance to create your own delicious, handmade, crispy chickenisms and claim a fried chicken floatie! Cracker Barrel just hatched the next must-have pool float of the summer – and it’s all that it’s cracked up to be! With poolside weather just around the corner, you don’t want to be cooped up inside and this larger-than-life-size fried chicken pool float is exactly what you need this summer!

Come back on Wednesday, May 22 at 12 p.m. ET, to claim a fried chicken floatie by submitting your best fried chicken-inspired saying or pun. This offer is available through June 21 or while supplies last.

Thankfully you've still got some time to think up your best chickenism. I mean a fried chicken floatie is kind of awesome. It's also a great use of social media, encouraging sharing (and sharing of gifs) and very on brand for Cracker Barrel which is always seen as a wholesome family restaurant. It's as cutsey, old-fashioned and southern as an old episode of Hee Haw. They know their audience, and they aren't trying to be anything other than who they are. Which is not only a good thing, but badly needed in this era of incivility.

Considering we live in a world now where brands like Burger King U.K. are cynically seeking to capitalize on divisiveness to promote a product quickly becoming an acceptable tool of violence against politicians they don't like, I'd rather brands stay out of politics all together. I realize taking the attitude that everyone try to remain civil toward one another is controversial. If anyone wants to change my mind about it, I'll be over there in the deep end, on my fried chicken pool float.

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