Crazy Frog beats KFC as most talked about annoying ad

Brandrepublic reports on the latest "Ads That Make News" survey, which shows that crazy frog beats out KFC Chicken Zinger as the most talked about ad in the news in June, despite KFC being the most complained about advert.

The UK's most complained about ad, showing call centre staff talking with their mouths full of KFC, was number two on the list, as newspapers reported that despite more than 1,600 complaints from irate viewers, it was not going to be banned or withdrawn. The ad was created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

Never far from the headlines, Jamie Oliver's latest appearance for Sainsbury's was at number three, as the supermarket managed to score some good PR with news that asparagus sales had soared after Oliver flogged it in ads.

Watch the KFC chicken zinger advert here.
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