Creative Circle UK asks : who can judge what is good advertising? We all can.

After discussing who is allowed an opinion on advertising with Simon White, Johnny, Dave Trott and Luke Sullivan, Johhny pointed me to what the creative circle is up to.

Creative Circle are asking YOU to be the judge of their awards 2013.. Screw the elite few that reach the top of the crop, everyone in advertising judge ads, every day. Lets make a dent in a proper award show.

Every creative is a judge. Each and every day, we watch, read, interact with and download ad after ad after ad. We consume more than any other demographic out there. It’s kind of an obsession. And we can’t help but have a say on it all.

That’s cool. That’s crap. That’s boring. That’s smart. That’s funny. That’s awesome. That’s a ripoff. Wish I’d done that. Bet the client fucked that up. Visual pun. Erroneous apostrophe. Done in Brazil in 1979. Bound to pick up a ton of awards. Turkey of the Week. Best. Ad. Ever.

So yes, come 2013, you'll be the judge of Creative Circle of Great Britain. I wonder how many people will be complaining "OH YEAH HOW MANY AWARDS HAVE YOU WON I WHOSE [sic] WON MANY LIONS THINK THIS IS BRILLIANT" while passing their votes on a webform. *gigglesnort* Either way, it's democratic, and I like it.

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