Creative circle's Guldkorn 2006 book out

Remember the Danish ad awards where I was doing jury duty this spring on the cyber awards? Well the awarded work is now out in book form and I thought I'd show y'all some interesting things in there. Like this stuff. What is that? Giant Lego?

Mystery solved inside!

Creative Michael Robert and Morten Kjaer at ad agency Robert/Boisen & Like-minded took home a gold in the events category for this poster where a person sat atop the poster pointing toward Ikea. Or is it a mannequin?

Now this, silver award winner in the alternative (really really alternative) media category are colorful containers out in the harbour with some clever additions that make them look like giant legos. I like it, even if one can argue it is an idea only seen by a few and probably even fewer in the target group. Its whimsical, it's a funny change to the scenery and its imaginative like lego itself. Commuters driving by probably got a few smiles out of it, so well done ad agency Advance, creatives Kenneth Opsond & Michael Pedersen for pulling this off. The only thing is, I wish this photo was also done as free postcards for the overseas tourists backpacking through the land of lego. ;)

Radio 100 ran a campaign where the hosts posed as famous album covers. Gotta love a host that pokes a little fun at himself. Ad agency Wibroe Duckert and Partners, creatives Thomas Torp and Peter Boye won bronze in the outdoor category for this.

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