Credit Karma "Scary Clown" (2017) :30 (USA)

You know what's terrifying? Scary clowns. Well, actually, having bad credit. Scary clowns are pretty easy to deal with.

Chief Creative Officer – Hunter Hindman
Chief Creative Officer – Rick Condos
CEO – Robert Riccardi
Head of Strategy – Max Heilbron
Head of Brand Management – Katie Miller
Head of Production – Topher Lorette
Strategy Director – Warwick Heathwood
Communications Strategist – Brian Olsen
Group Brand Director – Robert Woods
Brand Manager – Lauren Martinez
Associate Creative Director – Matt Kelsen
Associate Creative Director – Zack Fagin
Art Director – Jodi Duncan
Copywriter – Andy Whalen
Producer – Tyler Neely

CMO – Greg Lull
Senior Director, Creative Strategy – Jamily Knight
Executive Producer – Jennifer Thomas
Product Marketing Manager – Ya-Hsuan Huang
Brand Associate -- Kaitlyn Tierney

Prod Co - Biscuit
Director - Matt Dilmore
DP - Bryan Newman
Prod Co EP - Rick Jarjoura
Line Producer - Carr Donald

Music House - Barking Owl Sound
Music House Creative Director - Kelly Bayett
Music House Producer - Ashley Benton

Edit House - Beast
Editor - Brian Lagerhausen
Edit EP - Jon Ettinger, Tracy Coleman

VFX - Allied
VFX EP - Lori Joseph, Gordon Wittmann

Graphics - Brand New School
Graphics HP - Amy Russo

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Kim's picture

I just saw the television ad for credit karma with a clown holding a knife. Granted this might be funny for an adult and certainly is attention catching however, this ad shows during daytime and primetime when children are watching. For them this is terrifying. Many times seeing this sort of thing on television results in anxiety, sleep disturbances, and phobias in children, perhaps for a lifetime. This ad is socially irresponsible. If I were a parent who's child was affected by this ad I would sue your company. It is a shame that it would take this to stop such an ad. Each and every person, company and advertising agency should monitor themselves for civil appropriateness. To run this because it is eye catching and funny is reprehensible. You leave the public no choice but, to boycott the business itself. Please do the responsible thing and remove this ad.

angels4bobseger1's picture

You know these commercials are sick all of a sudden from Credit Karma. With all the killings going on in the world etc. The commercials they used to have were nice. But not what they share now. One about a clown and another one I saw earlier today on tv. That is sick. Credit Karma is sick.

Carolyn's picture

When I saw this ad, at approximately noontime, I was appalled. I have never been afraid of clowns, but I know many people who are, including my grandchildren. And I must say, this particular ad made even me uncomfortable. The time it ran is a time when there are a large number of children at home and could be exposed to this commercial, which is, at the very least, in extremely poor taste and better described as terrifying. I think it would be a wise decision to remove it, as the company has had numerous completely acceptable ads run prior to this. Please consider taking this ad off the air. Thank you.

fairuse's picture

What is scary? Face to face with a hippo, Polar Bear or rabid mammal of the fury type. The clown in this ad is just creepy. All clowns are creepy. These credit score ads are scary. I found a letter from mortgage company from 2011. The fine print on the data mining will freak anyone out. Remember, TANSTAFL

Susie's picture

I've seen the commercial many times and I find it amusing.. Very clever, to be exact... I'm a mother too, and my kids know the difference between sardonic humor and outright offensive! People in America, need to remember that we were kids once too.. Yes, it's a totally different era, but I'm not going to protest everything.. I'll pick and choose my battles accordingly... Should we boycott Halloween? Where and when do we draw the line?? I stand behind my first remarks .. very clever advertising..

Susie's picture

To the producers of these commercials.. I applaud you.. I get you.. Genius...

Cari's picture

Yeah well my son saw this ad on tv at someone else's house and now he's not sleeping well. And guess what? Neither am I. Needless to say now I'm cranky. He's only six and doesn't know the difference between humor and it being real. It should not be in during primetime. You'll be hearing from me.

Neffie's picture

I just always laugh because the clown looks like Phyllis Diller.